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At Interactive Mission, we are offering custom Social Media Optimization Pricing & Plans that are developed to meet the individual need of any small or large businesses worldwide. Our team will develop a powerful social media marketing strategy for your business to build a strong presence over different social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest & many more!. Please have a look below at our SMO Packages in India and select the right one for you.

SMO Package Basic Super Corporate
smo-package $199 Per Month
$399 Per Month
$599 Per Month
Time Frame 3 3 3
Facebook Marketing
Facebook Account Setup Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Fan Page Setup Yes Yes Yes
Likes/Fans Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Friends Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Wall Posting Yes Yes Yes
Page Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Page Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Wall Comments Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Based Posting Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Photo Album NO Yes Yes
Facebook Video Uploads No Yes Yes
Facebook Tabs Creation No Yes Yes
Call To Action Button Creation Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Group Post 14 18 27
Facebook Story Creation No Yes Yes
Video Posting(Provide By Client) No Yes Yes
Twitter Marketing
Twitter Account Setup Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Regular Updates Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Profile Design and Setup Yes Yes Yes
Tweet Per Week 3 6 10
Twitter Followers Mothly Basis Yes Yes Yes
Retweets No Yes Yes
Monthly Tweets and Re-tweeting Yes Yes Yes
List Creation No No Yes
Twitter Profile Submission Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Based Optimize Tweets Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Apps Management Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Image Uploads NO Yes yes
Active In Trending Hashtag NO Yes yes
Creation Of Poll NO Yes yes
Creation Of Moments NO No yes
CTwitter Analytics Monitoring NO yes yes
Twitter Video Uploads No yes yes
Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest Profile setup yes yes yes
Pinterest account optimization yes yes yes
Business Account Creation No Yes Yes
Posting Per Week 3 6 10
Content Creation yes yes yes
Board Creation 2 4 6
Sourcing of Pin Board Content yes yes yes
Updating of Pin Boards yes yes yes
Increase Pinterest Followers 12 12 12
Re-Pinning of Relevant Content yes yes yes
Following of Relevant Pinners Yes 18 26
Pinterest Image Uploads Yes Yes Yes
Pinterest Video Uploads Yes Yes Yes
Followers Communication Yes Yes Yes
Influencer Research No No Yes
Inviting Relevant Pinners On Board No Yes Yes
Follow Relevant Account And Boards No Yes Yes
Monthly Visitors Analysis No Yes Yes
Page Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Competitor Analysis No No Yes
Creation Of Facebook Polls/ Quizs No Yes Yes
Responding To Comments No Yes Yes
YouTube Activities
YouTube channel optimization Yes Yes Yes
Channel Pic & Cover Pic Creation Yes Yes Yes
youTube Title & Meta optimization NO Yes Yes
Video Optimization(Video Provided By Client) – 1 Yes Yes Yes
Video uploads (given by clients) 8 10 15
Thumbnail Creation 8 10 15
Increasing likes, subscribers and views yes Yes Yes
Video Editing (If required) No Yes Yes
End Screen Cards Creation Yes Yes Yes
Comment Moderation No No Yes
Ads Management No Yes Yes
Keyword Research Yes Yes Yes
Youtube Status Posting* NO NO Yes
Video Backlinks NO NO Yes
Competitors Analysis NO NO Yes
Video Creation NO Yes Yes
Playlist Creation NO Yes Yes
Video Tags Creation Yes Yes Yes
Youtube Analytics Monitoring No Yes Yes
Linkedin profile setup Yes Yes Yes
Linkedin profile Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Profile Pic & Cover Pic Creation Yes Yes Yes
Company Page Creation Yes Yes Yes
Competitors Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Video Posting (Provide By Client) Yes Yes Yes
Posting Per Week – 3 Yes Yes Yes
Creation Of Showcase Page No No Yes
Responding To Comments No No Yes
Responding To Comments No Yes Yes
Invite Connection To Like Your Page No Yes Yes
Relevant Group Joining No Yes Yes
Sharing In Groups No Yes Yes
Join related Linkedin groups No yes Yes
Linkedin post & Discussion No Yes Yes
Linkedin Posting 12 25 38
Linkedin Analytics Monitoring yes yes yes
Instagram account setup Yes Yes Yes
Instagram profile optimization Yes Yes Yes
Number of Instagram posts 12 25 38
Instagram Analytics monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Page Creation Yes Yes Yes
Page Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Posting Per Week – 3 Yes Yes Yes
Engagement Strategy Yes Yes Yes
Instagram Analytics Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Image Tagging No Yes Yes
Outreach With Influencers No No Yes
IGTV Upload( Video provided by Client) Yes Yes Yes
Link With Facebook Page NO Yes Yes
Responding to comment NO No Yes
Competitors Analysis NO No Yes
Instagram Stories Creation NO Yes Yes
Tumblr Activities
Tumblr Account Set-Up Yes Yes Yes
Tumblr Followers Yes Yes Yes
Maintain profile Yes Yes Yes
Post regular updates 5 10 15
My Space Activities
Myspace Account Creation Yes Yes Yes
Myspace Groups Yes Yes Yes
Myspace Account Management Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Post regular Updates 5 10 15
Technical Support
Monthly Report Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Chat ( Skype / WhatsApp) Yes Yes Yes
Phone Call Yes Yes Yes
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